Best Cast Iron Skillet For Steaks

When it comes to properly cooking a steak you need a proper cast iron skillet to get a really good sear. Non stick cookware won’t work since it can’t tolerate extreme heat. Stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and others just don’t perform the same as cast iron. Cast iron holds heat extremely well and cooks very evenly. It’s the go to choice for chefs cooking the finest steaks in the finest restaurants.

We researched the best quality cast iron manufacturers to find the best skillet for the money and based on reviews and customer feedback we’ve chosen the Lodge 12 Inch Seasoned cast iron skillet. It is insanely popular among cast iron fans and gets universal praise. Unlike some other brands of quality cast iron, Lodge is very affordable. Continue reading to learn more about this skillet and some other options we suggest.

best cast iron skillet for steaks

Our Number One Pick:

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet - 12 Inch

Lodge is an extremely popular manufacturer of cast iron cookware and bakeware. The Lodge 12 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is our pick for the best cast iron skillet to cook steak primarily for the price value that comes with all Lodge cast iron products. Brands like Le Creuset or Finnex are great products but they are far from inexpensive. The added expense just doesn’t justify the increase in quality when it comes to raw cast iron skillets. Another great benefit is that Lodge preseasons their cast iron. This saves you the trouble of needing to season the cast iron yourself. If you’re not familiar with seasoning cast iron, it’s a process that needs to be done to get a natural non stick surface on your cookware or bakeware. It’s not terribly difficult or complex but it’s quite convenient to not have to perform this task when you receive your new skillet. Also important in selection of a proper cast iron skillet for cooking steak is the size of the skillet. We’ve selected the 12 inch skillet to be able to accommodate most steaks, If you need a larger skillet because you cook monster sized steaks you’ll want to step up to the 15 inch skillet. No matter which size skillet from Lodge you go with you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value than from this American manufacturer of quality cast iron.

Runner Up:

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet - 15 Inch

We’ve already explained the virtues of Lodge cast iron cookware and bakeware so we’ll spare you that again. We’ve chosen the 15 inch Lodge Cast Iron Skillet as our runner up because it’s an excellent value and is great for steaks of larger sizes. The 12 inch skillet handles most steaks with ease but some of you like your steaks on the large side and so this pick is just for you. All the same rules apply to this skillet, as does to the 12 incher. It’s just larger and still a great bargain.

Worth Considering:

Finex 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet With Lid

If value isn’t your thing and you’d like the absolute best quality and most beautiful skillet to display in your kitchen then look no further than the Finex 12″ Cast Iron Skillet With Lid. If you thought Le Creuset or Staub were the best cast iron manufacturers out there then you obviously have never seen a Finnex. This gem is a true work of art. In addition to it looking like a work of art it also performs as well as it looks. The interior surface is polished smooth in addition to being seasoned with flaxseed oil. The polished surface increases the ability of the skillet to be non stick and flaxseed oil is the absolute best oil for producing a hard and smooth natural non stick surface. They handle is what Finnex calls a speed cool design and it also looks the part. If you’re in the mood to go all out on a skillet then this is the one to get.

Additional Information:

Things To Keep In Mind

What is the best pan to cook steak on?

Cast iron is the best option. It handles high heat as well as anything, retains heat better than anything, and can be made naturally non stick. You can use a traditional skillet or you can use a griddle. The nice thing about a good cast iron griddle is that it can give you some great grill marks which visually look great but a skillet will give you a nice even sear across the entire surface of the steak and provide better flavor.

What is a pre seasoned cast iron skillet?

Pre-seasoning simply means that the manufacturer has performed the seasoning process for you so that you don’t need to perform it yourself prior to using your new cast iron skillet.

What does it mean to season cast iron?

Cast iron can be made naturally non stick by seasoning it. Seasoning involves applying an oil to the cooking surface of the cast iron and then placing it in the oven or stove top on the highest setting until the oil has burned off and leaves a layer of carbon that is bonded to the surface of the cookware. This process may need to be repeated a couple of times for best results.

What is the best oil to use for seasoning cast iron?

Flaxseed oil is considered the best. It is the oil with the highest smoke point which is also edible and safe to use. Some people use linseed oil which is not an edible oil and may not be safe. Others use less expensive and lower smoke point oils such as peanut, canola, or vegetable oil. These will all work fine but won’t give quite as smooth and non stick of a surface.

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Wrapping Up:

The Best Cast Iron Steak Skillet

A proper steak is as American as French fries and pizza. Lodge being the leading American manufacturer of cast iron cookware and bakeware is the obvious choice for the best cast iron skillet for cooking steak. Their pre-seasoned cast iron skillets are extremely affordable and very good quality. They are a fraction of the price of high end cast iron from manufacturers like Le Creuset, Staub, or Finnex. If you do want to go all out on your cast iron cookware then we couldn’t recommend Finnex more. Finnex cast iron is incredibly gorgeous and extremely high quality. Good luck and we hope your next steak comes off the skillet beautifully.

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