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I live in a climate that is very hot and humid in the summers. I’m not a fan of the heat and keep it very cool in my house. Unfortunately it’s still very humid inside so I do end up with some very sweaty cold drinks from late spring all the way through to early fall. Having struggled with this problem for quite some time I’d already switched my end tables to glass tops so I didn’t have to worry about ruining wood surfaces. The problem just moved from the table to the hardwood floor since the condensation just ran off the glass top table. I needed a real solution. After doing some research I found absorbent drink coasters and ordered a few different ones to see which worked best. I found that the Comfortena Silicone Drink Coasters with Absorbent Insert worked best. I also found some better looking alternatives that also worked well, just not quite as good as the Comfortena coasters. Continue reading to learn why I liked the Comfortena coasters best and a few other recommendations for some of the best coasters for dealing with sweaty drinks.

Our Number One Pick:

Silicone Drink Coasters with Absorbent Soft Felt Insert Set of 6 by Comfortena

The Comfortena coasters are my favorite because they wrap an absorbent coaster with a very grippy silicone base. This keeps the coaster in place and it will keep any leakage from the absorbent coaster material contained inside the silicone outer material since it has walls around the absorbent part of the coaster.

When it comes to looks they do look nice even if they are plain black. Not the most attractive of options but definitely the most functional. You can even remove the absorbent insert and you still have a coaster that will protect your furniture.

Runner Up:

ENKORE Stone Coaster - Natural Thirsty Absorbing Sandstone Body with Cork Backing

These ENKORE absorbent sandstone coasters are oversized and great for people who live in climates similar to mine that are very humid and have drinks that sweat a tremendous amount. Not only are the larger in circumference but they are thicker than most of their competitors, meaning they are able to absorb far more drink sweat than the others.

Not only do they perform well but they’re very attractive. The natural sandstone pattern is durable and should complement almost any decor.

Other Great Options:

Lifver 6-Piece Absorbent Stone Coaster Set

If neither of the 2 previous options tickle your fancy then the Lifver Absorbent Stone Coaster Set is a good alternative. While not as thick nor wide it is still made from an absorbent stone product with a attractive modern pattern. It comes in a set of six with a cork backing. These clean coasters will perform very well with sweaty drinks.

Prestone Absorbent Felt Coasters With Double Holder And Unique Phone Coaster

For something a little more modern and unique these felt coasters work well and look sharp. It comes with 9 coasters and an odd coaster for laying your smart phone onto for some reason.

Enkore Coasters Set of 6 - Good Grip, Deep Tray, Large 4.3 inch Size (Black)

These oversized coasters are great for catching sweat from drinks even though they’re not absorbent. They’re simple in look and design. They also come with a nice black holder for the 6 coasters.

Thirstystone Drink Coasters

Standard sized 4 inch sandstone coasters from Thirstystone. Absolutely gorgeous.

Sweese Absorbent Stone Coaster - Hexagon Drink Coaster with Cork Base - 4 Pack

Pack of for absorbent stone hexagonal coasters with cork base from Sweese. Modern design with alternating line pattern. Another great alternative for drink sweat absorbing coasters with a clean look that will work almost anywhere.

Additional Information:

Things To Keep In Mind

How do you clean absorbent stone coasters?

The best way to clean absorbent stone coasters is to immediately rinse them thoroughly with cool water until the spilled drink has been throughly washed through. Then let sit to air dry. If you’re trying to clean an older stain that has set in you can try rinsing briefly and then scrub lightly with a mild dish soap. Once you’re satisfied be sure and rinse thoroughly to get the soap out of the stone.

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Wrapping Up:

Best Coasters For Dealing With Sweaty Drinks

A good set of bar coasters is an essential household item. Why not ensure that the coasters that you have are best equipped to deal with sweaty drinks. The Comfortena Silicone Drink Coasters with Absorbent Felt Insert are the best coasters because they attack the problem in two ways. They absorb with the felt insert and they capture inside the cupped silicone. The Encore stone coaster is an oversized natural sandstone which readily absorbs moisture. Since the coaster is oversized in both width and thickness it is very capable of doing a great job absorbing a lot o drink sweat while the cork base will protect your furniture. There are many other options of absorbent coasters on the market but these are the two best performers we found.

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