Best Corkscrew For Old Wine

It’s a day you’ve been dreaming of for a long time: the day you break open that vintage bottle of wine that you’ve been patiently waiting to age. While the wine may have aged well, the cork might not have, leaving you looking for the best corkscrew to deal with that delicate cork and avoid ruining your prized wine.

We scoured the internet in search of the best corkscrew that will easily get the old cork out of your wine bottle without the mess and found the Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup is the best due its strength and versatility when it comes to opening old wine bottles. Our best choice may not be the best choice for you though, so read on to see the other two best corkscrews for old wine bottles that may be more your style.

Best Corkscrew For Old Wine

Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

HiCoup’s Professional Stainless Steel with Rosewood Inlay All-in-one Corkscrew rises above all the competition gunning for the title of best corkscrew for old corks thanks to its incredible and well-manufactured design. This professional grade corkscrew is one of the best because of the “worm” – also known as the corkscrew – that has a precision-cut groove that reduces drag as you drill it through the cork, which makes the cork less likely to crumble. While the groove holds onto the cork securely, you can pull it up easily for clean removal.

Not only does it pull out corks well, it can prepare the bottle easily for the cork to be removed. The built-in foil cutter does a fantastic job of cutting any foil around the mouth of the bottle, allowing you to keep all your wine opening tasks on one tool.

HiCoup’s Professional Stainless Steel with Rosewood Inlay All-in-one Corkscrew has been reviewed thousands of times and highly rated If you’re looking for the corkscrew that won’t sour the taste of your wine with tedious work or with cork bits, then you need to get this tool.

Runner Up:

Lumsing Wine Opener Electric Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Battery Operated with Foil Cutter

While HiCoup’s Professional Stainless Steel Corkscrew is the best corkscrews for old wine bottles, it isn’t for everyone. Physical limitations may get in the way of you opening that wine bottle you’ve always wanted. This is where electronics come in to save the day. The Lumsing Wine Opener  is a great addition for anyone looking to open their vintage wine bottles with an electric wine opener. This simple push-button rechargeable electric opener was made with opening traditional bottles in mind, leaving the task easily and expertly managed to make sure your wine is unsullied by any cork. Many reviewers were very satisfied with this opener and we think that you will be too if you give it a chance.

Worth Considering:

Monopol Westmark Germany Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Cover

Getting out old corks can be tricky; one wrong move and the cork or pieces of it can fall into your wine and soil it. Luckily, the Monopol Westmark Germany Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller has your back by offering versatility to get out those troublesome corks. It does take a little to get use to as you have to finagle the prongs into the right spots in order to ease the cork out, but it’s guaranteed to do the job well. The different leverage you can get using this corkscrew offers a whole new way of getting the cork out effectively.

But not only is it effective at getting out wines, the Two-Prong Cork Puller also serves two other functions: a bottle opener and a foil cutter. So not only can it help you get the best bang for your buck as a wine opener, but also increases its value by being able to perform other functions.

Now with all these different tasks, most corkscrews would break down and have to be replaced. This is where the Monopol Westmark Germany Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Cover shines. Each opener is made using high quality hardened steel prongs and die cast metal for its handle and cover, leading it to be a product that can survive the grind of opening multiple bottles.

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Things To Keep In Mind

How long do corks last?

With typical corks, you can expect them to last as long as 20 years under normal conditions. Premium wine makers will use higher quality corks that are extra long. These premium extra long corks can last 50 years or more.

How do you prepare an old bottle for drinking?

Bottles should be left alone for as long as possible before opening. If you know in advance that you will be opening a bottle of wine a few days from now, stand it up vertically in the cellar to let the sediment fall to the bottom of the bottle. If you are storing the wine horizontally, do not move the bottle much while it is in storage.

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Wrapping Up:

Quality Corkscrews For Old Corks

Getting a vintage wine ready for drinking is no easy task, meaning you shouldn’t open the bottle with just any corkscrew. We recommend using the Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup. We found it to be the best based on our research. It does a superb job of opening wine bottles without putting cork in your wine, all while being a quality and versatile tool. But, if its not the one for you, we recommend the other two for those want some diversity.

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