Best Non Stick Induction Cookware

After reviewing many induction compatible cookware sets, we found the T-fal C515SC Professional set to be the best non stick induction cookware set for the money.

There are many aspects to need keep in mind when shopping for pots and pans for induction cooktops:

  • Induction Compatibility
  • Non stick effectiveness
  • Non stick durability
  • Heat distribution
  • Thoughtful cookware design
  • Cost

We sifted through the vast list of options, read Amazon reviews, researched manufacturer specs and literature to come up with our list of best options. Let’s dive into our picks.

Best Non-Stick Induction Cookware

Best Non-Stick Induction Cookware:

T-Fal C515SC Professional Cookware Set

T-Fal is a well respected and fairly ubiquitous brand of cookware. They started in the 1950’s producing non stick cookware and became popular in the 1960’s when Jackie Kennedy was seen on the cover of a popular magazine with a T-Fal pan.

Today they are known for making good quality products that perform well and are sold at very competitive prices.

The C515SC Professional cookware set is the ideal offering from T-Fal for induction compatibility at a very affordable price.


This line of cookware uses a stainless steel base to be induction compatible but to keep the costs low they use aluminum for the rest of the pot or pan. Handles are securely riveted on and include silicone grips which are extremely heat resistant and will hold up to temperatures above 400º.

The non stick surface of this induction ready cookware set is designed to be very durable. Metal utensils are able to be used with these pots and pans without fear of scratching of the non stick coating.

While some of the cookware is dishwasher safe you’ll extend the life of the set by hand washing with a non abrasive sponge. This will prolong the life of the non stick coating. Also, some elements like lid knobs could rust if washed in a dishwasher often.

Runner Up:

Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Non Stick 11-Piece Cookware Set

Circulon is a premium brand of cookware. The Symmetry Hard Anodized Non Stick Cookware Set is significantly more expensive than the T-Fal but you do get a higher quality product. This cookware is dishwasher safe and can withstand use in ovens up to 400º. The pans are hard anodized to make them twice as hard as stainless steel making for a very durable and warp resistant cookware set. The handles are stainless steel with highly heat resistant rubber grips. The silicone rubber is also used on the lid handles which is a nice addition of less expensive brands. The non stick surface has circular ridges which Circulon claims increases both the durability and effectiveness of the non stick coating. The coating is PTFE free by the way.

While you’ll pay more for the Circulon brand you can rest assured that you’ll have a cookware set that will outlast cheaper options and retain its non stick properties longer.

Worth Considering:

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware has many advantages but it also comes with a couple downsides to keep in mind.

  • Surface Seasoning
  • Non stick surface care
  • Weight

Naturally non stick, cast iron surfaces build up a layer of polymerized fat on their surface. This layer does require a bit of care to keep in ideal condition but the effort is fairly low. It mostly involves avoiding excessive cooking of acidic liquids and careful cleaning with soap and water when cooking is done. You will also want to be sure and reseason your pans from time to time if your non stick surface isn’t performing as well as you’d prefer.

Weight can be an inconvenience for some. Cast iron cookware is very heavy and some may find it challenging to be busily cooking multiple dishes in heavy pots and pans. You’ll also want to be more careful with cast iron on glass induction cooktops. We’ve all gotten a little carried away and a bit carless while cooking and you wouldn’t want to crack that precious glass cooktop.

If you’re up to the challenge cast iron is a very rewarding material to use for cooking.

There are several brands of cast iron cookware to choose from but Lodge Cast Iron is by far the best choice. Lodge is very reasonably priced and stands behind their products. They’re made in America and aren’t particularly fancy but very sold and reliable pieces of cookware.

If you’re up to the dealing with the idiosyncrasies cast iron you’ll be rewarded with a very durable non stick surface that can handle even metal utensils with ease and pots and pans that will last a lifetime.

Additional Information:

Things To Keep In Mind

Induction Compatibility

Induction compatible cookware comes in many variations. One of the most common is stainless steel. Unfortunately stainless steel isn’t as non stick as we’d like but it is a good choice if non stick isn’t your primary concern. Some metals are not induction compatible such as copper and aluminum. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use them with an induction cooktop but it does mean that the manufacturer will need to include a core in the base of the pan or skillet to make it induction ready. Cast iron is naturally non stick once properly seasoned and will last for generations if cared for properly.

If you’re curious if any of your existing cookware is induction compatible, an easy way to check is to place a magnet next to the bottom of the pan or pot. If the magnet sticks then your cookware is induction compatible.

In general, ensure that the manufacturer states that the cookware is induction ready or induction compatible. This is a given with cast iron and may not be stated on the packaging.

Do induction interface disks work?

Induction interface disks are metal plates that you place between your non induction compatible cookware and your induction cooktop. The disk will heat up via induction and then the cookware will heat up via transfer just like cooking on a traditional electric cooktop. This is obviously less efficient and you’ll want to be sure and purchase induction ready cookware going forward but an induction interface disk can help you with the transition while you build up your arsenal of cookware.

Wrapping Up:

Best Non-Stick Induction Cookware

The T-Fal C515SC Professional cookware set comes out on top largely due to bang for the buck. It’s a solid set of pots and pans that proves to be the best non stick cookware set for the money to use with your induction cooktop. The Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Non Stick Cookware Set is an excellent upgrade to consider. Quality and durability are much higher with this set and it is very popular because of this. You’ll pay quite a bit more buy many find the additional cost to be very worth it.

Finally, Lodge Cast Iron is a great consideration for some. Cast iron is naturally non stick and virtually indestructible. It does require a bit of care not necessary with the more typical non stick cookware but it will outlive those many times over. Just beware of the extra weight and care. If those aren’t deal breakers for you then cast iron should be a real contender in your decision making process.

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