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Making fresh flour tortillas at home is a real treat and very easy to do. You will want the best tortilla press to do the job properly. You’ll want an even press and as non stick of a surface as possible. We researched currently available tortilla presses, read customer feedback, and sifted through professional reviews. We found that the Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press was the best tortilla press if you’re trying to make flour tortillas. Continue reading to learn why this tortilla press is the best one currently available.

Our Number One Pick:

Victoria 8 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera

The Victoria 8 inch cast iron tortilla press is the best tortilla press on the market. It is made of cast iron which is a very heavy material and produces evenly pressed tortillas. The cast iron surface has been seasoned with flaxseed oil by the manufacturer to produce a natural non stick surface. Flaxseed oil is considered the best oil for seasoning cast iron cookware. It has been shown to produce the most non stick surface of any edible oil.

Cast iron is the most durable material for making a tortilla press. Tortilla presses can be subjected to quite a bit of stress and softer metals such as aluminum or other materials such as plastic or wood will be more likely to fail due to fatigue far more early than cast iron. A tortilla press made from cast iron should last for generations.

This press is a best seller on Amazon and receives great praise from customers. Also, the price is very reasonable for what you get. You really need look no further.

Special Note

We normally recommend additional products we find that are almost as good for less money, have unique features, or are worth spending more on if you can. In this case we were concerned with all of the other options. Either they were more expensive for a lesser product or customer feedback gave us concerns about the alternatives that initially looked like they would be good options. For instance, some manufacturers claimed the product was cast iron when it obviously wasn’t. Other presses were very failure prone and break. Some were simply difficult to use.

Ultimately, the cost of the Victoria Tortilla Press is very reasonable and the best tortilla press for the money that you could want.

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Things To Keep In Mind

How do you keep flour tortillas from sticking to your tortilla press?

Many people say it’s easier to roll out your tortillas if you’re making flour tortillas. They say this because the tortillas stick to the press. Some suggest wax paper, others suggest plastic wrap. The best way to keep your flour tortillas from sticking is use lots of flour. Check out this post titled homemade flour tortillas with a tortilla press at Life As A Strawberry.

What are flour tortillas made of?

Flour tortillas are simple and made of mostly flour. They also contain a bit of salt and lard usually. Here’s a recipe for flour tortillas.

Are flour tortillas vegan friendly?

Typically they are not vegan but it is possible to make a flour tortilla that is vegan friendly. Most tortillas use lard as an ingredient. You can find an alternative to lard that would make your tortillas vegan friendly.

Do you keep tortillas in the fridge?

You don’t need to but it will extend their shelf life. Be sure to seal them in an air tight container such as a plastic zip lock bag or a Tupperware container. You’ll want to do this whether you store them in a refrigerator or not.

Can you freeze tortillas to keep them fresh?

Absolutely. A helpful hint for storing your tortillas in your freezer is to place a sheet of wax paper between each tortilla. If you don’t do this and you want to pull a few tortillas out of the freezer to make a meal they will be frozen together. The wax paper will make it easy for you to take away just the number of tortillas you need without having to thaw out the entire stack that you had previously prepared.

How do you know if tortillas are bad?

Flour tortillas tend to not store as long as corn tortillas. If they are starting to mold they will feel slightly slippery or you may see some discoloration on the surface. Also, they could go stale. If a flour tortilla is beginning to go stale it will become for stiff. This will typically begin to happen around the edges with some cracking.

How do you keep tortillas warm?

You could purchase a tortilla warmer like you may have seen at your local Mexican restaurant. You can try wrapping them in aluminum foil and then wrap a towel around the foil. If you happen to have a crock pot handy, a great hack for keeping tortillas warm is to wrap the tortillas in aluminum foil and then place them in the crock pot with it set to its lowest setting.

How do you defrost tortillas?

A great way to defrost tortillas is to place a few in the microwave for a few seconds with some paper towels to absorb moisture placed in-between each tortilla. Hopefully you stored them in your freezer with wax paper or something similar in-between each tortilla so that you can easily separate them.

Can you freeze raw flour tortillas?

Definitely! This is a great way to prepare a large batch of tortillas ahead of time and cook them fresh for a party. Be sure to keep them separated with plastic wrap or wax paper so they don’t freeze together.

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Best Flour Tortilla Press

We wish we were able to suggest a variety of really good tortilla presses that work well for making flour tortillas however we can really only recommend the Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press. Cast iron is the best material for a tortilla press to be made from and the Victoria has been seasoned with flaxseed oil which is the best edible oil for seasoning cast iron to produce the most non stick surface. This press produces even tortillas and has a large amount of positive customer feedback. Hopefully this review has provided you with some insightful information and some tips on how to make and store your tortillas.

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