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Using knives to cut carrots is quick but it might not be the best way. The best vegetable chopper for dealing with carrots will be able to make the work of manually cutting a carrot easier, and without the risk of slicing yourself. After searching for the best vegetable choppers, we found the best one out there was the Prepworks Vegetable Cutter by Progressive. This vegetable chopper is a great tool for anyone hoping to make vegetable, especially carrots, cutting simpler, safer, and more efficient. Come see  why this vegetable chopper cuts down the other competition, while seeing other options for your vegetable chopping needs.

Our Number One Pick:

Prepworks Vegetable Cutter by Progressive

Cutting carrots, other vegetables and much more doesn’t get simpler than the Prepworks Vegetable Cutter. This one-handed vegetable chopper is a breeze to use, as it comes with three interchangeable blades that are used for different purposes, but all can be used to cut your carrots quickly and efficiently. All you have to do to work this vegetable chopper is insert the carrot into the slot and press down on the container lid for the carrot to be sliced. Once the carrot is sliced, it’s put into the measuring container portion of the vegetable chopper, making your cutting simple and easy to clean.

What’s great about this chopper is how simple it is, but how much easier and safer it makes cutting carrots. In addition to making cutting simpler, it makes cooking more efficient with the measuring container so you know how many carrots you need to cut in order to get to your exact measurement. This vegetable chopper is a great way to cut down on a basic, but time-consuming part of cooking, making it a worthy item to have.

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Runner Up:

Briefton’s Manual Food Chopper, Compact and Powerful Hand Held Vegetable Chopper

Brefton’s Manuals Food Chopper is a bit different from Progressive Fruit’s vegetable chopper because you have to prepare the carrots beforehand by cutting them into pieces with a knife. But while there’s an extra step of preparation involved, this vegetable chopper is great for getting carrots into smaller pieces and slices. To use this vegetable chopper, simply place the cut carrots into the food chopper and pull on the handle to move the stainless steel blades that will slice the carrots, giving you easily and finely sliced up carrots.

What’s great about this chopper too is the cleaning of the blades and bowl that the carrots are placed into is very easy. They are dishwasher friendly, meaning you won’t have to worry about any extra hassle.

One other great quality of the vegetable chopper is that it can travel easily. Since it’s nice and compact, it can go anywhere that you want to. The only drawback was having to prepare the carrots beforehand in order to use it, but once they are ready, you can easily turn them into smaller slices or pieces.

Worth Considering:

GalleyFresh Kitchenware Professional

The GalleyFresh Kitchenware Professional Vegetable Cutter is one exquisite cutter as it takes a bit of a different approach than either of the two other best vegetable choppers for carrots above. This vegetable chopper is a Mandoline Slicer, making it a little difficult to use, but once you have it mastered it does wonders for you. Although it may look scary, this chopper is safe to use as it comes with a large safety guard and an ambidextrous safety grip to make sure your hands don’t get caught while you cut carrots.

This chopper can do a lot with your carrots such as peeling or slicing them. The best part is that it could do this for a lifetime thanks to its stainless steel blades and durable ABS plastic body that are dishwasher friendly and easy to clean. If you want a bit more creative approach to cutting carrots then this is the vegetable chopper for you.

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Things To Keep In Mind

How do I cut carrots with a food chopper?

Whether electric or manual, a food chopper can cut your food preparation time and help you get to the serving stage sooner. Though some food choppers are fairly small, such as the hand-slap, spring-type blade choppers where you usually have to downsize vegetable portions accordingly, they’re still very useful and practical kitchen tools.

What’s the difference between a vegetable chopper and a food processor?

Food processors are multi-purpose machines. Yes, they can chop food, but that’s not their only job. Food choppers, on the other hand, are specially designed to chop food, so they do it perfectly. Food processors are often large and difficult to clean. Many people dread getting their food processor out of the cupboard. A food chopper is small enough to be left out on the counter, even in a compact kitchen. It doesn’t feel like such a hassle to clean it and put it back together.

How do I use a Mandolin vegetable cutter to cut carrots?

The best method for cutting carrots on a mandolin is to use a cut resistant glove to hold the carrot and run it over the “V” blade of the mandolin. If you run it over the blade lengthwise you’ll have nice long strips. For a more chopped result you would want to run the tip of the carrot over the mandolin blade. This will produce carrot chips.

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Wrapping Up:

Best Carrot Chopper

The best vegetable chopper for dealing with carrots can make food preparation an easy and safe process, rather than a tedious mess that can get you hurt. If you haven’t gotten one yet, then it’s time to “chop chop” and find the best vegetable chopper out there: Progressive Fruit’s Vegetable Cutter. Thanks to its simple, yet effective design with a measurable container for the carrots you’ve cut, this vegetable chopper makes food safety and dinner preparation easy and efficient, making it a must have for your kitchen arsenal.

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