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Almost any waffle maker will work for making gluten free waffles but the best waffle maker for the job needs to achieve high heat. Gluten free waffles will generally cook the same but cooking on high heat will allow them to crisp up and get golden brown. Alternatively you can leave them in your waffle iron a little longer to get a similar effect. You will probably need to leave them in slightly longer than a traditional gluten flour waffle even on a higher heat setting.

Because we want a high heat waffle iron we also want one that will cook consistently golden across the waffle. Otherwise we could end up with some doughy bits and some burned bits. What we found in general is that higher end waffle makers were the best choice.

The best waffle maker we found from our research for gluten free waffles is the Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker. It isn’t the cheapest of waffle irons but it is a perfect balance between cost and performance. Continue reading to learn more about this waffle iron as well as a couple more suggestions incase the Cuisinart doesn’t quite fit your desires.

Our Top Pick:

Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker

The Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker is honestly a bargain when it comes to higher end waffle makers. Cuisinart calls this the Breakfast Central because it can do so much more than simply make waffles, which it does extremely well. It’s great for making pancakes, eggs, sausage, and more.

There are interchangeable upper and lower plates for both the top and the bottom. It comes with a pair of upper and lower waffle plates as well as a smooth upper plate and a lower plate that has 4 round indentions that are primarily for cooking pancakes or eggs but are versatile enough to cook many other things. There are 6 temperature settings of which you’ll want to select the highest for your gluten free waffles to get them golden brown and thoroughly cooked.

Online reviewers give this waffle iron extremely high marks for consistency which is the most important criteria when selecting a proper waffle maker. It is also quite popular and customers give it unusually high praise.

Runner Up:

Breville Smart Waffle Maker

The Breville Smart Waffle Maker is our upgrade pick. It has quite the steep asking price but if your budget allows you’ll have the best waffle iron on the market.

This waffle maker is probably the most well thought out maker you’ll find. My favorite feature that it has is what Breville refers to as the moat. This is a channel for catching batter overflow around the entire iron. This simple feature seems like an obvious idea considering how much of a mess can be made when a waffle iron is overfilled. There really isn’t an easy way to ensure that you have the exact right amount so it’s nice to know that you can overshoot the mark a little and it won’t be disastrous. Not only that but since the moat is part of the grill plate it actually cooks the overflow so you’ll have nice crispy bits hanging off your waffle as opposed to uncooked mess. You can trim it off for a nice clean look or leave it for a little extra natural fringe.

There are 12 settings, although unfortunately there isn’t one specifically preprogramed for gluten free waffles. You can program your own setting once you dial in the ideal setting for your gluten free waffle batter recipe. One last feature I’ll touch on is the button labeled Bit More which as you may have guessed allows you to extend cooking time just a bit more to get it extra browned and crispy without having to worry about forgetting you left the waffle in the maker and end up burning it.

Worth Considering:

KRUPS GQ502D Adjustable Temperature Belgian Waffle Maker

The KRUPS GQ502D Belgian Waffle Maker is our budget pick. It’s very inexpensive but it does come with some compromises. You won’t get as even of a golden brown cook across this waffle maker surface. It isn’t a deal breaker in and of itself though. The bigger drawback we found was that it is slow to cook. The temperature is adjustable but it doesn’t go as high as we would like for it to go. This means you’ll wait longer for it to cook obviously but more importantly, you’ll wait longer for it to recover temperature between waffles as well. If you are just making waffles for yourself or just you and a partner this won’t be much of an issue since it is such a large waffle iron. Given it’s price, it’s a steal compared to our other selections and definitely worth the compromises if your budget won’t allow the more expensive choices.

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Things To Keep In Mind

How do you make gluten free waffles?

There are gluten free mixes available to buy but if you want to make your own you can blend together quinoa, rolled oats, then add some coconut milk along with some spices for a little extra flavor and a bit of baking soda to give it some fluffiness. This combination of ingredients will produce a great gluten free waffle batter.

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Wrapping Up:

Best Gluten Free Waffle Maker

The best waffle maker for making gluten free waffles is one that can heat consistently and at a high heat plus has some great bonus features. In our opinion the Cuisinart WAF-300 is the best choice not only because it does an excellent job cooking waffles but it’s extremely versatile and comes in at a very reasonable price. The Breville Smart Waffle Maker is our upgrade pick. It is likely a budget buster for most people but those that aren’t put off by the extra expense will love it for all of it’s features that make it so easy to use. Our final choice is our budget pick. The KRUPS GQ502D is a great pick if you’re trying to keep costs down but still want a decent waffle maker. It’s large and cooks reasonably well for its price point but it is a little slow to cook, even on it’s highest setting. We hope this review gives you the information you need to make the best pick for your needs. Good luck and happy waffling.

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