Best Budget Burr Grinder For Espresso

Best Budget Burr Grinder For Espresso

Maybe you’re a coffee connoisseur who likes to play with different grinds, different brew styles, and different ways to dress up your morning cup of Joe.

Do Thermacell Mosquito Repellents Work?

do thermacell mosquito repellents work

If you’re like me, mosquitos seem to be drawn to you like a magnet. I’ve tried citronella candles which just don’t seem to do much, if anything. Deet…

What Is The Best Electric Fly Swatter

what is the best electric fly swatter

If you live in one of the “buggier” of these United States (like I do), having a well-functioning, effective, and safe electric fly swatter is a must.

Best Sous Vide Machine For The Money

best sous vide machine for the money

A sous vide machine is a fantastic addition for your kitchen, whether you are a culinary expert, or someone who is more on the novice side of cooking.  If…

Best Milk Frother For Bulletproof Coffee

Best Milk Frother For Bulletproof Coffee

Are you looking for more energy?  Higher efficiency and productivity?  More acuity and cognitive function?  In short, are you looking to feel “bulletproof”?

Best Spiralizer For Sweet Potatoes

best spiralizer for sweet potatoes

Whether you’re trying to keep Paleo by substituting colorful veggie spirals for carb-ridden pasta, or you just enjoy the challenge of changing up the way…

Searzall Vs Torch For Sous Vide Searing

searzall vs torch

Sous Vide cooking is great but obviously we can’t get a good sear without a little extra effort. In this comparison we compare the Searzall vs torch for…

Best Pasta Maker On The Market

best pasta maker on the market

Pasta can be an extremely inexpensive food when it’s bought at grocery stores, but it lacks the freshness of homemade pasta. If you’ve ever had homemade…

Best Vegetable Chopper For Carrots

best vegetable chopper for carrots

Using knives to cut carrots is quick but it might not be the best way. The best vegetable chopper for carrots will be able to make the work of manually…

How To Use A Burger Press

how to use a burger press

When I think of a burger press I actually think of 2 different things. One is the more well known kind of press that is used to make a hamburger patty…

Best Knife Block Set Under 200 Dollars

Best Knife Block Set Under 200 Dollars

Finding the best knife block set under 200 dollars is a little tricky. The price point can allow you to get some forged knives which are superior or more…

Best Electric Can Opener On The Market

best electric can opener on the market

For this article we set off in search of the best electric can opener on the market. We researched online reviews, sales popularity, and most importantly…

How To Inject Meat With Marinade

how to inject meat with marinade

In this article we will learn how to inject meat with marinade the right way. We’ll cover where to inject marinade, how to inject the marinade, how to…

What Are The Best Poultry Shears?

what are the best poultry shears

We read online reviews and researched customer feedback on the most popular poultry shears on the market. What are the best poultry shears? We found that…

Best Grill Brush That Won’t Lose Bristles

grill brush that won't lose bristles

So you’ve heard? Metal bristle grill brushes are not safe. They can come loose and accidentally end up in your food. Needless to say, this is a painful issue and requires surgery. We researched the best grill brush that won’t lose bristles and found that the Brushtech Double Helix was the best alternative to a metal…