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How Does A Yogurt Maker Work?

Making yogurt at home is fairly easy but it’s even easier with a yogurt maker. But how does a yogurt maker do to make yogurt? Essentially it works like a slow cooker and cooks milk at a low temperature once it has been prepared properly. Unfortunately a yogurt maker only does part of the work required. The prep work is not insignificant but not necessarily a deal breaker. It involves monitoring heating milk to a precise temperature, cooling it to a precise temperature, and then adding a yogurt culture or some yogurt you buy from your local supermarket. This is the point that the yogurt maker takes over and cooks the milk for a set period of time. Continue reading to learn the details of each of the steps and more about how a yogurt maker works.

How to make yogurt with a yogurt maker

  • Heat the required amount of for your yogurt maker to 180 degrees or until it begins to simmer
  • Place the pot with the milk in an ice bath and cool to 100 degrees
  • Stir in a yogurt culture or a large spoonful of store bought yogurt into one cup of the 100 degree milk
  • Pour the cup of milk with culture or yogurt mixed in into the rest of the milk and mix
  • Add the prepared milk to your yogurt maker and follow its instructions for how to cook the milk into yogurt
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How do I make flavored yogurt?

Once your yogurt has been made you can add whatever you like to flavor the yogurt. Frozen fruit is a great way to add flavor to your yogurt. Often it’s good to add a little sugar or other sweetener to help liven the flavor of the yogurt.

What are the health benefits of yogurt?

Benefits of yogurt include animal protein, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, and of course calcium. Additionally,yogurt is loaded with probiotics. Probiotics are gaining general acceptance for their health benefits.

What are the problems with yogurt in your diet?

Too much yogurt can cause weight gain, higher cholesterol, and heart disease due to the sugars and saturated fats found within it. Store bought yogurts range from little to no added sugar all the way to nearly on par with ice cream. Making yogurt at home allows you to precisely control how much sugar, if any, you put in your yogurt.

Is yogurt good for weight loss?

It can be but you have to be careful how much sugar is added to the yogurt you eat. You also need to ensure that the yogurt is low in fat. fat-free yogurt with no sugar added can be as low as 120 calories per cup. Yogurt is high in protein which is very filling. Fat free, no sugar added yogurt can be a great addition to a diet that designed to keep you full with minimal calories.

Can yogurt help you lose belly fat?

According to, the answer appears to be yes. Researches at the University of Tennessee found that when putting obese people on a diet high in calcium, those that got their calcium from sources like yogurt lost more belly fat than those that got there calcium from pills.

Are yogurt parfaits healthy?

They can be healthy. It depends on what has been added in to the parfait and the yogurt itself. The yogurt should be fat free and there should be no sugar added for the healthiest yogurt. Additional ingredients like chocolate chips, crushed cookies, or syrups, obviously aren’t healthy to add. Fresh fruit and granola are healthy additions that taste great and are filling. Granola is a great source of fiber which helps with digestion as well as reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Wrapping Up:

Understanding Yogurt Makers

A yogurt maker is a nice addition to the process of making yogurt but it unfortunately is only one component in the process. You’ll also need a good thermometer. We recommend a good instant read thermometer. We’ve reviewed a few excellent choices in our article on the Best Rated Instant Read Meat Thermometer. This will be much more effective than a slow to react mechanical thermometer. You’ll also need a good pot for heating your chosen milk in. Also make sure you have a decent amount of ice on hand to cool your warmed milk to the proper temperature. Overall, the process isn’t terribly difficult but it is unfortunate a yogurt maker isn’t able to take the process from beginning to end or at least cover more of the process. It seems like the heating and cooling process could be automated somewhat. Sadly, the answer to how yogurt makers make yogurt is in short, they only partially do the work of making yogurt.

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