How Long Does Open Wine Last?

Wine is a precious thing that doesn’t react well to oxygen. Once you open a bottle the clock starts ticking on it’s lifespan. But how long does open wine last? It depends on the specific wine in question and more importantly, how you attempt to preserve it to keep it fresh. Continue reading to learn how long your wine will last and what you can do to extend its freshness.

How long various open wines will last

  • Red will last 3 to 5 days
  • White will last 3 to 5 days
  • Rosé will last 3 to 5 days
  • Sparkling Wine will last 1 to 3 days although it will go flat faster than that

Easy ways to preserve wine after opening

Oxygen ruins wine so doing everything you can to prevent exposure to air is your first line of defense for protecting your partially consumed wine.

Re-cork or cap your wine if you can. This will limit the exposure to just the air that is trapped in the bottle.

Refrigeration also slows the chemical reaction process that turns wine so be sure and pop the bottle back in the fridge as soon as you can.

Migrating your half empty bottle of wine to a much smaller bottle will also help. When the smaller bottle is sealed the amount of air trapped with the wine is much smaller and helps reduce the oxidation process.

Advanced wine preservation techniques

There are many tools and gadgets on the market to help you better preserve your wine. Ultimately many are nothing more than novel solutions that don’t really improve upon simply re-corking a bottle and putting it in the refrigerator. There are a few products out there that do prove to be very effective.

Private Preserve Wine Preservation System

The Private Preserve Wine Preservation System is the most effective way to preserve your wine for the money and one of the only methods more effective than simply re-corking your wine and placing it in the fridge.

It’s super simple to use. Just spray a little into your open wine bottle and then re-cork it. It works by replacing the air in your partially empty wine bottle with an inert gas that will not oxidize and degrade the wine inside. For a small amount of money you can have a couple cans of Private Preserve on hand and have one of the most effective ways to preserve wine at your disposal at a moments notice.

Coravin Model Two

The Coravin Model Two is essentially the same concept as the Private Preserve System. The difference is that it includes a mechanism to pierce the cork which allows wine to be removed and inert gas to be injected, virtually eliminating any chance of oxygen making its way into the bottle and fouling the wine. When the needle is removed the cork material collapses back to fill the gap the needle made, resealing the bottle as if it were never opened. The Model Two is the most sophisticated and advanced method of ensuring that your wine stays as fresh as if it were never even uncorked.

The only real downside of this unique solution is the price. You’ll pay a significant amount for perfection so only elite wine connoisseurs need apply. If you take your wine seriously this is a product worth consideration.

Additional Information

How long does unopened wine last?

This will obviously vary based on the storage conditions. If stored under the ideal conditions, good wine can last decades unopened. This also will depend upon the type of wine. Reds can be stored for 2-10 years while whites shouldn’t be stored more than 3 years. Chardonnays however can be stored for 20 years or more.

How to properly store wine

  • Protect from light. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to wine and will foul the flavor.
  • Keep your wine stored at the proper temperature. 54 degrees is ideal but below that temperature will slow the aging process. The temperature can be higher but should not exceed 74 degrees. 
  • Maintain a consistent temperature. Temperature swings are not good to wine and should be avoided. A quality wine refrigerator is a great solution for maintaining a proper consistent temperature.
  • Don’t unnecessarily move or shake the wine. Motion can adversely affect the preservation of wine and should be avoided. Ensure that where your wine is stored is surefooted and not prone to being jostled about.
  • Store wine on its side and not upright. Storing wine on its side will ensure that the cork will stay moist and not dry out which will ruin the seal and allow air to foul the wine.
  • Maintain 70% humidity. This will ensure that the corks are properly maintained and prevent fouling. Lower than 70% will risk drying out and greater will promote mold growth.
  • Keep your wine stored away from strong odors. Wine breathes while stored. Strong smells can penetrate the cork and create unpleasant flavor reactions.

Wine Coolers: Compressor vs Thermoelectric

When shopping for a proper wine cooler you’ll come across 2 different types, traditional compressor coolers like used to keep your refrigerator cool and thermoelectric coolers which have no moving parts. Thermoelectric wine coolers are energy efficient, quiet, and vibration free however they do have some drawbacks. They aren’t as powerful as compressor cooled coolers so they can struggle to keep up in particularly warm environments. Despite being energy efficient, they run constantly as opposed to compressor cooled coolers which run periodically. This may mean increased electricity demand. Last, thermoelectric coolers are generally quite small due to the underpowered nature of the thermoelectric process.

Wrapping Up:

How Long Does Wine Last After Opening

While wine generally doesn’t last more than a few days after uncorking there are many ways you can extend its shelf life. Amazingly, its shelf life can be extended almost indefinitely with the right process. Most people need only simply re-cork the bottle and place it in the refrigerator assuming that it will be consumed within a day or two. If you want to extend that duration for quite some time the Private Preserve System is the most economical and effective solution. For the hardcore enthusiast with a large array of fine wines that they would like to be able to sample without fouling a complete bottle, the Coravin Model Two is a must have device.

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