How To Organize A Pantry With Deep Shelves

There never seems to be enough storage space in a home, especially in a kitchen. Having deep shelves to deal with likely means you have a good amount of storage but it isn’t the most practical. We’ll cover organizing a pantry with deep shelves and some great products to help with the organization and convenience of being able to get to all of those things at the back of your pantry quickly and easily. Continue reading to learn more about how best to tackle those deep shelves in your pantry.

The simplest and cheapest way to organize deep shelves in a pantry is to buy some inexpensive baskets to organize pantry items into that can easily be pulled out so you can access items further back in your pantry. Adding some labels to the baskets will help you to keep things organized over time. Labels also help family members know what each basket is meant for so they will be less likely to just toss anything into the first basket they lay eyes on.

You can enhance things even further by adding some pull out shelves. This make accessing things in the back of your pantry so much easier. Also, clever products like can organizers can help tackle unique problems that baskets may not be the best suited to deal with. The following are some of our best recommended products for solving accessing deep shelves in a pantry.

Whitmor Rattique Storage Baskets

These Whitmore Rattique Storage Baskets are hugely popular and very durable. They are not made of actual whicker material but a plastic. This has the benefit of being able to withstand a lot of daily use without wearing out quickly. They also look spectacular and are quite inexpensive for a pack of 3 baskets.

Titan Mall Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable storage bins capitalize on vertical space you may not be properly taking advantage of. Not only can these bins be easily pulled out for access but they have a large opening which makes them easy to reach into and grab whatever you may need.

The various colors actually do make a useful difference. You will subconsciously begin to associate the items in the bin with that color making it more instinctual to grab items out of the proper bin. It would be a good idea to also label the bins so that family members can begin to make the same association and keep things well organized.

SimpleHouseware 2 Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer

A slide out basket is a great upgrade for maintaining organization and convenience. This whicker look baskets are 2 tier and great for getting quick access to things stored further back in your pantry. They’re 14 inches deep and would situate perfectly behind some free standing baskets at the back of your deep shelves.

Lynk Roll Out Cabinet Organizers

A few roll out cabinet organizers are probably the most effective way to organize deep shelves. The Lynk Roll Out Cabinet Organizers come in 18 inch and 21 inch depths and various widths. What’s great about these particular slide out organizers is that they are screwed down to the shelf so they don’t tip forward when pulled out. These roll out organizers are a snap to install and not too terribly expensive given the added convenience you’ll get from being able to simply pull them out to reach items in the back of your pantry.

The Lynk brand of roll out organizers are extremely popular when compared to other competitors. They’re extremely well constructed and use ball bearing gliders. Price is excellent for products of this price and customer reviews are nearly unanimous with glowing reviews of how these products have transformed their kitchen.

Lynk also offers 2 tiered pull out organizers if you want to take better advantage of vertical height or would like to remove a shelf and save a few dollars by installing one of these instead of 2 single tier pull out shelves.

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer

Another must have for pantry organization is a can organizer. This Stackable Can Rack Organizer from SimpleHouseware is one of the highest praised can racks currently available. It includes dividers that can be positioned to deal with various sized cans and if you have the height available you can stack the racks as high as you have available space.

Not only does a good can rack organizer neatly organize your cans but it dispenses them out the front so you can place them further back in your deep pantry shelves but still be able to easily access the cans.

Knape & Vogt P5450FE-W Pantry Roll Out

If you’re looking to take things up a notch the Knape & Vogt P5450FE-W Pantry Roll Out is what you’re looking for. This unit is designed to take nearly your entire pantry and allow it to slide fully out of the cabinet so everything is easily reachable.

You’ll need to buy the side mount wire baskets separately depending on how wide of a space you need to fill. The image shows 10 inch wide baskets. The baskets available for purchase are:

Buy as many baskets as you feel will work for the contents you plan to store. It’s possible to add as many as 18 baskets but that is if you use all of the available basket mounts. This wouldn’t allow you any vertical space to place much of anything in the baskets however. 8 baskets would be a good amount.

Installation is fairly easy. You’ll need to mount the slide out rack at both the top and bottom of your cabinet. You may want to review the installation instructions.

Wrapping Up:

Organizing a Pantry with Deep Shelves

Figuring out the best way to organize a pantry with very deep shelves is a blessing and a curse. They can handle a lot of items but they aren’t very user friendly. At a minimum adding baskets to your pantry shelves will make a huge difference in your ability to easily access those items in the back of your deep shelves. But why stop there! There are many ways to increase your pantry’s ease of use and organization well beyond some simple baskets. Hopefully this article has helped stir your imagination and given you some great ideas to tackle your pantry and its unique challenges. Good luck!

Photo Credit: Margo Wright

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