How To Properly Season A Cast Iron Pan

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Cast iron cookware is the ultimate natural nonstick cookware but it has to be seasoned properly to build up a natural nonstick coating. Not only does cast iron provide a natural nonstick surface but it can withstand high temperatures without off gassing harmful fumes unlike Teflon coated nonstick cookware. Some manufacturers of cast iron cookware, like Lodge, pre season their cookware so it’s not entirely necessary to perform any seasoning. This article will explain the best way to season cast iron cookware. You shouldn’t expect to get the non stick performance of Teflon or ceramic coated cookware but you can get surprisingly close if you follow the steps we will outline.

What you will need to season cast iron

  • Your cast iron cookware (clean)
  • A high temperature edible oil such as Flaxseed
  • An oven capable of at least 500º
  • A rag or paper towels
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How to season cast iron cookware

  1. Coat your cast iron pan thoroughly with an edible oil such as flaxseed oil
  2. Wipe the excess oil away with a rag or paper towel
  3. Place in your oven upside down
  4. Turn on your oven and set the temperature to 500º
  5. Leave the pan in the oven for one hour
  6. Turn off the oven and let cool for 2 hours
  7. Repeat the steps 1 through 6 until you are satisfied with the results

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Wrapping Up:

Cast Iron Skillet Seasoning

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