What Is The Best Electric Can Opener On The Market

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Busy chefs know that manual kitchen tools and appliance can really slow you down, and that having the right electric appliances for automated and efficient cooking is key. It’s true for juicers, it’s true for mixers, and it’s definitely true for can openers. The right electric can opener can make a world of difference when time is of the essence. And as it happens, there is quite a bit of variation across electric can openers available on the market today. Ease of use, sharpness and efficacy of blade, and storage capability are all things you need to think about when choosing your electric can opener. Having conducted research on what’s available today, we’re confident that the Instecho Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener is the best buy for busy chefs.

Our Number One Pick:

Instecho Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

There are a number of great things to love about the Instecho Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener. The way the machine works is quite unique: with the push of a button and while holding both the can and the opener, the opener will rotate the can beneath it, creating a smooth cut on both the can and its lid. The opener slowly bends the tin of the lid out and then back in on itself (so rather than cutting it’s almost more like the opener is disassembling the can). This allows you to re-use the lid as a temporary seal so that your food is not exposed while cooking. It also comes with a jar opener and is available in two colors. One of the biggest selling points of this product (besides its efficacy) is the convenience of its size: because it is a small hand-held device, it fits nicely in a drawer or can adhere to a magnetic knife strip, or even to your fridge! No precious counter space is lost to this tiny but effective gadget. It also offers a great design for people with arthritis or minimal hand strength, or for children. The ease, convenience, and efficacy of this product make it our top choice, without question.

Runner Up:

BLACK+DECKER Spacemaker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

This is our runner-up choice (rather than a clear winner) for one simple reason: counter space. The opener itself is not any less effective than the Instecho or most other models and even includes a bottle opener, bag cutter, and knife sharpener. Yet despite its name, the amount of “space” made with the BLACK+DECK Multi-Purpose Can Opener is minimal. It can be installed under a cabinet, which is likely where the name originated from. But barring installation of the opener beneath your cabinet, this is not a space-saving device in the same way that the Instecho is. It also must be plugged in, which we consider a negative. But the positives? Besides its incredibly-sleek design, automatic shut-off, and incredible power (this is a fast-working can opener), we really like the extra included gadgets. The knife sharpener, battle opener, and bag cutter make this purchase feel very all-in-one, which is why it’s a solid number two choice.   

Worth Considering:

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener

The Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener is a best -seller on Amazon, and a top choice among reviewers for a very good reason: safety. This can opener operates in the same as the Instecho: by cutting the lid at an angle and bending it back in towards itself so that it’s smooth and you can’t cut yourself while you work around it. The product is also about the size of a small cheese grater, and because it is battery operated, you are really not taking up any counter space with this fun little gadget. Being that it’s the safer product, and somewhat nicer looking, it might be kind of curious to some that this is not our top choice. But alas, it comes in third for a few vital reasons. First, it has no additional tools that render it a “multi-purpose” purchase. Second, though many reviewers call this a very efficacious opener, a few have noted that certain cans simply wouldn’t cut. And finally, it has been noted more than once that if the opener should go around the can more than once without stopping, it begins to create metal shavings, which is a safety hazard. This hasn’t happened often, but is concerning enough for us that this could not be our number one or number two choice.

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Wrapping Up:

What Is The Best Electric Can Opener On The Market

There are a number of things to be thinking about when you choose your electric can opener. Is it compact? Is it efficacious while also being safe? Does it come with any other “add-on” gadgets making it a multi-use purchase? And while the way in which you prioritize these features might differ, rendering for you a distinct “top choice” that’s unique from ours, we say that the best electrical can opener across all of these vital areas is the Instecho Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener.

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