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Before we jump right into the brand of appliances that are most reliable we need to cover some important points. Every brand will likely have some products that they make that are market leading and some that are market stragglers. It isn’t realistic to expect one single manufacturer to hit a home run with every product they make, as much as they may want you to believe so. Also, it isn’t really fair to compare a relatively entry level brand that doesn’t offer much complexity in their products to a high end manufacturer that offers more bells and whistles than any other competitor. Complexity means more points of failure. In general, if you are most interested in reliability stick to entry level products that offer the basics. Advanced features are compelling but opting for a step or two down will likely get you 95 percent of what you were drooling over but save you money not only when you purchase the appliance, but it will also save you on maintenance with its improved reliability down the road. These are all general suggestions and there are going to be exceptions but we wanted to set a baseline up front for some of what guides our decision making process.

Yale Appliance & Lighting – 2018 Most Reliable Appliance Brands

Yale Appliance & Lighting is an authorized retailer and servicer of a vast array of appliance brands. They regularly publish their top 10 most reliable brands based on their first had experience. Yale is a small regional operation but they service a large enough area to get a very good idea of what brands are actually reliable. The following is what they published as their 2018 list of most reliable brands to buy:

#10 Wolf

Wolf is a high end manufacturer known for their gas ranges. They now manufacture a wide range of appliances and have been able to expand their offering of complex products while maintaining high reliability. While you’ll pay a premium for Wolf products, you can expect them to perform more reliably than many other brands.

#9 Bosch

Bosch is a European brand that has come to the United States. It’s a premium brand as well and is known for fine build quality and durability. Not only that but if aesthetics are important to you, Bosch makes some of the sleekest appliances on the market.

#8 Gaggenau

Gaggenau is another high end manufacturer of complex kitchen appliances. Gaggenau beats out Wolf and Bosch and is even more visually appealing than Bosch.

#7 Samsung

Samsung is a newer entry in the kitchen appliance market compared to many of the others but they are a high quality product. They don’t produce super high end appliances like the previous 3 but they do make some very technically advanced and attractive appliances at reasonable prices that are also very reliable. Service has proven to be the biggest problem for owners of Samsung products since their parts distribution and service network isn’t as large as the more established manufacturers.

#6 Miele

Miele is an elite German brand producing extremely high quality and quite expensive products. Miele would be a solid choice if your budget can tolerate it.

#5 Maytag

Maytag washers and dryers are what is responsible for the high reliability rating here but their other products are very reliable as well. Price is also a little high but not astronomical.

#4 Frigidaire

If you’re looking for the best bargain appliances to buy that are also extremely reliable this is the brand to go with. Stay away from the more sophisticated offerings from them though as they aren’t as solid.

#3 LG

Not well regarded online due to its lesser developed parts and service support, LG is an extremely reliable product that is also quite sophisticated without breaking the bank.

#2 Amana

Owned by Whirlpool, Amana is known as a rock solid choice for inexpensive appliances with extremely high reliability.

#1 Whirlpool

Similar to Amana, Whirlpool offers simple, uncomplicated appliances with best in market reliability.

Parsing this list a little you can see a pattern. The simplest products that lack bells and whistles top the list. If there isn’t much to break it’s going to be more reliable. More advanced appliances such as those from LG, Maytag, and Samsung are grouped toward the middle. High end appliance manufacturers bring up the rear. The large price tags on these products are for features as well as quality and it’s the vast number of features that open them up to some reliability issues that prevent them from achieving the top spots.

While Whirlpool tops the list, the first stand out appliance brand is Miele. Miele is a very high end manufacturer and beat out all the other high end brands as well as Samsung. The other stand out is LG. They offer significantly more complex products than those offered by Amana (#2) and Whirlpool (#1). This brings me to conclude that Miele is the best high end brand, LG the best middle tier brand, and Whirlpool the best no-frills brand.

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Wrapping Up:

Most Reliable Brand Of Appliances

In the end we found that Miele is the best high end brand, LG the best mid-grade brand, and Whirlpool the best bargain brand. That said, reliability and quality will vary from one type of appliance to another within a brand. For instance, Maytag makes rock solid washing machines but their other products don’t have the same level of reliability. While Whirpool may have topped the list, there are a lot of people that won’t want to settle for the lack of features compared to Miele or LG.

Service is a critical factor to consider. You’ll want to ensure that you can get your appliance serviced when the day comes that it needs it. No appliance lasts forever with no issues. If you’re in the Boston area Yale would be a great place to go. Yale does not pay us to promote them but we greatly appreciate them sharing their reliability data. They have a very good reputation and can service any appliances you buy from them. For those of us not in the Boston area, do your homework and find a great retailer that provides service or research the brand you’re interested in and contact the manufacturer to enquire about their parts distribution network and service technician network.

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