KitchenPerfect.com is all about the perfect kitchen. We cover the most important aspects of your kitchen and the best products and services to help you achieve kitchen nirvana.

My name is Will and I’m the founder of KitchenPerfect.com. I love cooking as well as unfortunately being a perfectionist. I say unfortunately because if I can’t find the perfect solution I usually make due with the absolute worst solution possible. This is the trouble with perfectionists. We’re all or nothing types. This frustrates my wife to no end. The good news for you is that I’m passionate about the perfect kitchen solution and this site is your best resource for the absolute best solutions for your kitchen.

We research popular and obscure solutions to kitchen problems and compare online reviews and actual purchaser comments to sort out which product or services is the best possible solution. We do the research for you.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. We tend to congregate in the kitchen and we feed our stomachs and are hearts there. Hopefully the KitchenPerfect team and I can save a marriage or two from the frustration of the unfulfilled perfectionist in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe it’ll save mine in the end as well! 😉