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What's the best potato for mashed potatoes

What’s The Best Potato For Mashed Potatoes

What’s the best potato for mashed potatoes? High starch potatoes are best. These would be Yukon Gold or Russet. Potatoes that are more waxy can end up more paste like than creamy. While picking the right kind of potatoes is important to making the best mashed potatoes, there are many other things you need to know…

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how to clean a grill grate without a brush

How To Clean A Grill Grate Without A Brush

Grill brushes can be great tools for cleaning a grill but there’s a lesser known fact that loose metal bristles could inadvertently end up in your food and cause some serious internal health problems. That’s why it’s important to learn how to clean a grill grate without a brush. In this article we’ll cover all the…

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what is the best brand of frozen hamburger patties

What Is The Best Brand Of Frozen Hamburger Patties?

The ultimate in burger convenience is having them on hand when ever the mood strikes but what is the best brand of frozen hamburger patties to ensure you have the best results? We searched online for the best frozen burger patties and narrowed down the choices. Our exhaustive research found that the Greensbury…

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how to get rid of fishy smell after cooking

How To Get Rid Of Fishy Smell After Cooking

Whether you have a great exhaust hood or kitchen window exhaust fan often doesn’t matter with fish. Fans definitely help but the odor can linger for hours. The best way how to get rid of fishy smell after cooking typically involves boiling something fragrant. Things like cloves or cinnamon will work wonders for…

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how long can you freeze bread

How Long Can You Freeze Bread, Dough, & Other Tips

Bread is a staple most of us need to have on hand. While it will keep a week or so on the counter at room temperature, how long can you freeze bread? It will keep 6 months or more in the freezer. You should never put your bread in the refrigerator though. Refrigerators will cause bread to prematurely go stale…

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Best Coffee Maker With K Cup Option

Best Coffee Maker With K Cup Option

Keurig K Cups have overwhelmingly dominated the coffee market. Most of the time we only need a single cup so brewing a whole pot is a waste. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to brew a pot of coffee from time to time. Having 2 coffee makers seems ridiculous. Fortunately there are some manufacturers that have…

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what is a muddler

What Is A Muddler?

What is a muddler? There are 2 kinds of muddlers: A bartending tool and a type of trout fishing fly lure. We’re not going to talk about the lure but we are going to talk about the bartending tool. A muddler used in bartending is simply a tool used for mashing ingredients in cocktails like the mojito. Continue…

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how does a coffee press work

How Does A Coffee Press Work?

A coffee press or French press is an alternative method for brewing coffee. How does a coffee press work? Instead of running hot water through your ground coffee beans you let your coffee beans sit in the hot water and then “press” the coffee grounds out of the water with a screen. Continue reading to learn more…

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Does Butter Go Bad If Left Out

Does Butter Go Bad If Left Out?

Having soft, easily spreadable butter is ideal for dinner parties and everyday butter needs but does butter go bad if left out? How long can it be left out before it goes bad? The short answer is butter can’t be left out indefinitely but it can be left out for a period of time. Continue reading to learn how long you…

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stocking a home bar on a budget

Stocking A Home Bar On A Budget

Stocking a home bar on a budget can be a challenge. You want to have a wide variety to cater to your guests desires but doing so without some research would break the bank. Even with a decent amount of research it can be a challenge! We’ll run down some great bottles at great values to help you get the most out of…

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how long does open wine last

How Long Does Open Wine Last?

Wine is a precious thing that doesn’t react well to oxygen. Once you open a bottle the clock starts ticking on it’s lifespan. But how long does open wine last? It depends on the specific wine in question and more importantly, how you attempt to preserve it to keep it fresh. Continue reading to learn how long your…

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Best Budget Coffee Grinder

Best Budget Coffee Grinder

When it comes to coffee, the most important aspect is the grind. That’s why we searched the web and compared reviews to find the best budget coffee grinder currently available. Over grinding with produce a harsh coffee. Under grinding will waste beans and produce a weak coffee. A grinder that allows for consistent…

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How To Make Perfect Coffee

How To Make Perfect Coffee Easily

I’m lazy. I’m especially lazy before I’ve had my coffee. Asking me to perform some convoluted task for how to make perfect coffee just isn’t going to cut it at the crack of dawn. My brain just isn’t going to cooperate. I needed an easy and foolproof way to make perfect coffee without having to engage my brain. I’ll…

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