So, how do we afford to pay for our server, internet connectivity, domain name, email hosting, etc.? The purpose of this page is to clearly explain how we earn money and keep the lights on.

Affiliate Marketing

The main method we use to earn money is via affiliate links. Affiliate links are links on our website to a site where you can purchase products that we recommend. When you follow one of these links the seller is informed that we were the ones that suggested the purchase of the product. If you purchase the product from them, they provide us with a small commission as compensation.

We want to be very clear, we do our best to be as unbiased as possible. It’s important that we provide you with a trustworthy source for detailing information. If we don’t do a good job providing helpful information and suggestions for products that work we won’t grow because we’ll become known as an unreliable resource.

Almost any product out there is available to be promoted via affiliate marketing. This means we don’t need to promote one product over the other just to earn a commission. We can promote the products we know work best.

Do you pay more?

Nope. You don’t pay anything extra. The commission is simply a cost of doing business. Just as if the seller decided to run an ad campaign instead of making their products available for affiliate promotion.

Sponsored Products

Sometimes companies will contact us and ask us to review their product. We may be given the product free of charge or pay us to review their product. If we do we will clearly disclose this in the review. Also, we inform the manufacturer or seller that we do not guarantee a positive review. Again, our reputation is more important than any fees we would gain from a single product. We won’t grow if we don’t focus on quality reviews, helpful information, and effective product suggestions.

Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to become the most trusted source for detailing information. If we achieve that we will be able to keep the server running and put food on the table.

Thanks for your support,