Best Budget Burr Grinder For Espresso

Maybe you’re a coffee connoisseur who likes to play with different grinds, different brew styles, and different ways to dress up your morning cup of Joe. Or maybe you’re a java novice. Either way, you should have a burr grinder. The burr grinder is the only kitchen appliance in your arsenal that will give you true flexibility when it comes to experimenting with coffee flavor profiles and will allow you to grind espresso beans yourself for your in-home espresso maker. You can get both manual burr grinders and electric burr grinders (both have their merits). Having reviewed extensive customer feedback, and having researched the pros and cons of what’s available on the market today, we have determined that the best burr grinder for espresso is probably the Hario MSCS-2DTB Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus.

Our Number One Pick:

Hario MSCS-2DTB Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill is a sturdy and reliable manual burr grinder option for achieving a consistent grind at a reasonable price point. The grind shaft and stabilization plates are both very strong on this product and so coffee grounds are produced consistently every time (this is especially important if you’re talking espresso). This grinder also comes with a rubber base so that you can stabilize it on a table or countertop while grinding. The ergonomic shape of the handle alleviates stress or pain while grinding, and the glass jar screws easily on and off from the grinder, but sits firmly in place when screwed on so risk of it coming undone is minimal. Overall, this is a very solid product and our favorite. There are, however, a few downsides. At the end of the day this is a manual grinder, so if you’re grinding large quantities of coffee, you will get tired. Further, some reviewers note that the glass jar can chip. Fortunately, the grinder portion of this product can screw onto a wide-mouthed mason jar, so chipping your glass jar is not the end of the world. For a very straightforward and consistent grind done by hand, this is a wonderful product.

Runner Up:

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart is a trusted household name, and so it should come as no surprise that the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is a very trustworthy and high-quality burr grinder. This product has a very large removal grind chamber so that you can grind a lot of coffee at once. It also allows for 18 different grind settings – this is perhaps the best feature of this electric burr grinder. Automatic timers alert you when your grind is finished and your purchase comes with a handy scooper and cleaning brush to assist with cleaning your burr grinder. Overall, it’s a very solid option if you’d prefer an electric burr grinder. Does it have downsides, you ask? Why yes: like any electrical appliance, this burr grinder can be very loud. Further, while 18 settings are stellar, you’re still not granted the total freedom to adjust ground coarseness that you’d get with a manual burr grinder. Perhaps the biggest drawback of this particular product is that it’s least consistent grind are the finer grinds (IE espresso grinds). For French press or drip coffee systems, grinds are consistent and ideal. For espresso, reviewers lament that the Cuisinart can be somewhat inconsistent. The price point is competitive, though, so if you don’t mind going electric and will be using the product for more than just an espresso grind, this Cuisinart is a fine option.

Worth Considering:

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr

The Capresso Burr Grinder is a commercial-grade, high-quality product with durable steel burrs and an incredibly quiet (but effective) motor for a slow grind that won’t crush or damage your beans. Why then, is this product number three on the list? Simply put, it’s very expensive. The Capresso costs about twice what you’d spend on either the Cuisinart electric burr grinder or the Hario manual grinder. If money is no object, then go with the Capresso: it’s a very high-quality product. The Capresso offers perhaps the finest grind of any electric grinder on the market, making it an ideal choice for espresso. In fact, reviewers note that a downfall of the product is its inability to produce a truly course grind: for French presses, another burr grinder might actually be better. Another pitfall of the product is that it frequently becomes clogged and is not the easiest to clean. Finally, the slow speed of the grind (while beneficial for retaining the integrity of the coffee), can be a pain for users who need to get their morning cup of Joe quickly.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Which should I choose – a manual or electric burr grinder?

The manual burr grinder offers the ultimate in flexibility to the coffee connoisseur desiring to experiment. Each twist of the burr grinder blades produces a new coffee ground that can offer a wholly unique cup of coffee and a totally original flavor profile. Even with very good electric burr grinders (like the Cuisinart and Capresso), coarseness variation is limited to the number of settings offered by the machine. If experimentation is not the name of your game, and you’re interested only in achieving a consistent grind quickly, then an electric burr grinder might be the better fit for you. But if the innovator in you desires to create coffee that’s truly your own, go with the manual burr grinder.

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Wrapping Up:

Best Budget Burr Grinder For Espresso

Fundamentally (and when it comes to the subtle art that is grinding espresso beans for that perfect shot of espresso), we feel confident that the Hario MSCS-2DTB Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus is an ideal choice. Its simple and ergonomic design, sturdy construction, and the flexibility it offers coffee connoisseurs is just unparalleled by competing electric burr grinders. Prepare to exercise those forearm muscles and reward yourself with coffee that is truly unique and wholly your own when you choose the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill.

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