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Whether you’re trying to keep Paleo by substituting colorful veggie spirals for carb-ridden pasta, or you just enjoy the challenge of changing up the way your veggies are served, introducing a spiralizer into your cache of kitchen goodies is a must-do. The spiralizer allows chefs to reshape their veggies with ease to serve as chips, noodles, or lacy little garnishes, and good ones will do so with minimal effort and minimal clean-up required. Spiralizing sweet potatoes, though, can pose a unique set of challenges, as the sweet potato is perhaps the toughest and least pliable vegetable you’ll want to spiralize. Having perused a host of customer reviews, we feel confident in asserting that the Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer is the spiralizer to trust with this, and any other heavy-duty veggie. While other spiralizers are not without their own merits (and we’ll discuss what those are later), read on to see why the Brieftons 7-Blade is our choice for the best spiralizer to use with sweet potatoes.

Our Top Pick:

Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer

The Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer outshines competitors in a number of areas. First, the product is highly durable (made of 100% BPA-free reinforced ABS plastic with the express intent of spiralizing tough vegetables in mind). The blades provided are strong (each 420-grade hardened stainless steel) and with 7, you’re offered ample variety in spiral shape and size. The supplied “catch container” with lid makes clean-up and storage of spiraled veggies easy, and the suction pad with ON/OFF switch makes adhering the device to your countertop simple and effective. There’s even a handy blade storage pouch supplied (a feature few other spiralizers offer). Fundamentally, it’s an easy machine to use, an easy process to clean up after, and a gadget that will last. The price point is competitive.

Down-sides to the product are few but worthy of mention. It’s a slightly larger spiralizer than some others on the market and therefore not the most pleasant to store when not in use. And while the device markets itself as made for tougher vegetables, being that it’s still a manual device, cranking sweet potatoes through the spiralizer does require two hands and some effort (for spiralizing that requires absolutely ZERO effort, see below).

Runner Up:

Mueller Spiral-Ultra Multi-Blade Spiralizer

The Mueller Spiral-Ultra Multi-Blade Spiralizer offers a lot of the same benefits found in the Brieftons. The blades provided (there are four), are of the same 420-grade hardened stainless steel, and the product is made of 100% BPA-free reinforced ABS plastic (again, with the intent of withstanding spiraling of tough veggies like sweet potatoes). Four suction-cup feet allow you to adhere the product to your countertop while you work, and like the Brieftons, veggie “collection cups” are provided (though reviewers note that the cups are small and therefore need to be emptied often). Though the four blades provided are highly varied in shape and size, you aren’t offered quite the same freedom of choice as with the Brieftons 7-Blade. Customers also note that the device has quite a few individual parts that need assembly/disassembly every time it’s used, making clean-up a little less convenient.

The one unique advantage offered by the Mueller is its design: with the Brieftons and most other spiralizers, the crank is located on the side of the device, and can typically only be turned with one hand while the other rests on the spiralizer or veggie. With the Mueller, the crank rests atop the device: this allows chefs to use either hand when cranking or to use both hands for added power, and also lets gravity do some of the work. Available on Amazon, the Mueller is a very good runner-up option.

Worth Considering:

OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Table Top Spiralizer

OXO has a long-standing reputation of manufacturing solid products with thoughtful, ergonomic design. The OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Table Top Spiralizer is no exception, offering perhaps the smoothest cranking motion of any manual spiralizer available on the market today. Like its competitors, the OXO offers suction-cup feet for no-slide use on countertops or tabletops, and like the Brieftons, a convenient carry case is supplied for its three blades. The design of the product is admittedly simple: simple to use, simple to clean, simple to store. It’s a no-frills product that is worth the money spent.

However, the OXO has some pitfalls. First, you’re only provided 3 blades, limiting what spiraling you can really do (especially as compares to the 7 blades offered by the Brieftons). You’re also not provided any vegetable “catch container” or storage container – this can mean collection of spirals and clean-up is not necessarily simple or mess-free. And customers who have reviewed the product note that while the crank action of the product is smooth, a notable amount of effort is still needed to spiral tougher veggies like the sweet potato. While overall the OXO is a simple, effective, and durable option, its noted limitations make this our second runner-up.

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Wrapping Up:

Best Spiralizer To Use With Sweet Potatoes

The three spiralizers discussed herein are all dynamite options to consider in your pursuit of delicate, delicious sweet potato spirals. Any one will do the job and do it well: all you need to do is crank. However, it is worth mentioning that these spiralizers are all manual machines. If manually spiraling veggies is not a task you’re up for (or just not something you feel you need to spend the time doing), you have options. Electric spiralizers have emerged in just the past few years, and for those with concerns about the toughness of sweet potato spiraling, the higher price-point of the electric spiralizer might be well worth it. If we’re describing you, consider the well-reviewed Gourmia Electric Vegetable Spiralizer.  The mark-up as compared to a manual spiralizer is minimal, and the saved time and effort for you could be worth so much more. With three blades, a wide-mouth “catch container,” and powerful “one-switch” automation, The Gourmia certainly holds it own as an effective spiralizer option. Negative reviews note the product’s somewhat flimsy-feeling plastic. Further, among its electric spiralizing counterparts, the motor of the Gourmia is somewhat weaker than others. Finally, it’s three blades leave little to the imagination regarding spiral shape and size variation.

Ultimately, we prefer the manual spiralizer: a manual crank allows the chef to feel the vegetable working along the spiralizer’s blade, thereby allowing him or her to feel and subsequently avoid any hang-ups, stalls, catches, mushing… all things that are possible with an electric spiralizer. And with its 7 varied blades, its sturdy construction, its convenient “catch container” and blade storage container, and its competitive price point, we feel the Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer is a promising go-to option as the best spiralizer for use with sweet potatoes.

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